Customers complained that Amazon’s app’s logo appeared to be Hitler, so the company changed it

Hitlergartenberg Theverge on Amazon

Days after Myntra announced its decision to update its logo, amazon announced plans to do the same. Currently, e-commerce behemoth Amazon has subtly changed the icon for one of its many applications. However, the modifications were made as a result of customers discovering an eerie resemblance between the application’s prior logo and Adolf Hitler. The headline Amazon Hitlergartenberg Theverge became popular because of this.

Amazon had accustomed the new emblem with replacing their well-established “shopping basket” image from the beginning in January. The organization’s recognisable grin-shaped bolt is highlighted by an earthy-colored box with a barbed piece of blue tape stripping down over it in the image. This can serve as a recommendation or endorsement of Amazon’s bundling. They wanted to get rid of the hitlergartenberg theverge moniker that the audience had given them.

However, when the emblem became a sensation on the internet thanks to virtual entertainment, internet users instantly brought up how the spiky blue tape had made people remember Hitler, the father of the Nazi Party, and his toothbrush moustache. As a result, the Amazon emblem began to be referred to as hitlergartenberg. Social media exploded with the comparison up until Amazon decided to replace the logo. Amazon creates a new logo in a relatively short amount of time, even without making an official announcement.

Amazon seems to have quickly updated the emblem to avoid any more controversy after taking into account customer feedback. Sticky tape that has been opened and crumbled from a corner appears on the new logo.

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