What Are UI/UX Design Services?

There is no secret that UI/UX designs always go hand in hand and are inseparable. The primary purpose of app design services is to create beautiful and smooth interfaces which would provide users with the best experience. Generally, this goal is achieved with the incorporation of effective collaboration into the streamlined projects.

In this blog post, let’s talk about what UI/UX design services are and outline the main differences between them.

What is UX design?

User experience design (or UX design) involves all activities that drive mobile development processes which are aimed to enhance customer satisfaction, boost users’ loyalty. In other words, UX design does anything to improve app’s usability, make it easier to use, and provide immediate connection between the customer and the brand.

Apart from this, UX designers also work at the business level. That’s where product management lives. This includes working with stakeholders, executives, defining features, and functions. UX designers can point out the best ways to organize an application – this or that way. They are the specialists who are able to balance multiple competing and contradictory requests and devise a solution. At the same time, good UX designers are comfortable starting with a blank page – no requirements, just an idea.

What are the UX design services?

Strategy and Content:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Product structure/strategy
  • Content development

Wireframing and Prototyping:

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Testing/Iteration
  • Development Planning
  • Execution and Analytics
  • Collaboration with UI Designer(s)
  • Coordination of project’s devs
  • Tracking goals and integration
  • Analysis and iteration

What is UI design?

UI stands for “User Interface”. It works mainly with design elements like buttons, toggles, icons, etc. UI makes whatever you need to make for your website/app eye-catching and interactive. Basically, User Interface design (UI) aims to complement the app’s look and feel.

UI designers specifically work on the usability and emotional impact of an interface between humans and a system. No matter whether it’s a web app, an IVR, a watch face, or a control panel. The best thing about UI design is that it does not really specifically depend on any technology.

In reality, the scope of UI design is much broader. It’s the entire experience of interacting with a system or service. This is about shaping an experience into a design with a smooth integration of other diverse fields like visual communication, copywriting, information architecture, psychology, conversion-rate optimization, marketing, product management, business analysis, etc.

What are the UI design services?

Look and Feel:

  • Customer analysis
  • Design research
  • Branding
  • Graphic development
  • User guides/storyline

Responsiveness and Interactivity:

  • UI Prototyping
  • Interactivity
  • Animation
  • Adaptation to another mobile device
  • Adaptation to all screen sizes
  • Cooperative work with devs

Bottom line

In 2022, UI/UX design services become even trendier due to businesses acknowledging the value of mobile development more and more. Also, the fact that startups are rising at an exponential rate, this has contributed to the popularity of UI/UX design.

With the rising popularity of mobile development services, companies like SolveIt can help you turn your business into a creative field of opportunities with the best mobile development practices. We will guide you through and advise you how to approach your business needs most effectively.

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