Teen Patti — The Three-card Indian Poker

Teen Patti is often regarded as Indian Poker, one of the country’s most popular card games. This card game is played by millions of people and requires constant entertainment and thrill. Throughout the game, you will have to use your mental skills to win. You will have to focus on your cards and build strategies to beat your opponents. Teen Patti has been a beloved game in Indian homes, and this game is a tradition on Diwali.

But now, you will be able to play this game right on your phone. Since many apps have been introduced, you can find several apps to choose from. The rise of apps and online platforms has made this game extremely accessible. Card game lovers can now play it on their own time and enjoy this game whenever they like. If you are also getting into online Teen Patti, you can also play this game for cash. Here is a guide to help you how to play this game and tips to win.

How to Play Teen Patti?

In Teen Patti, you get three cards facing down. The winning or losing depends on the cards you get, but throughout the game, players will have to use their wits and strategize to make that happen. This is why Teen Patti is considered a skill-based game and is legal in India.

Many aspects of Teen Patti are similar to the Poker game. Once the cards are dealt, the players will add the bet amount into the pot and the game begins. On each turn, you will have an option to pass, raise, or fold. Depending on your cards and your understanding of other players’ cards you make this decision.

Once all the players except two are left, it comes down to the show. In the end, both of these players will show their cards, and whoever has a strong hand or better cards will win the game. The better cards or strong hand is decided based on the ranking of cards.

During the game, you will be required to assess your opponents’ moves and patterns to make your move. Assessing your opponent’s move is very important to win the game. You should look at how they are reacting to develop your strategies and next moves.

Card Rankings in Teen Patti

Ranking Sequence Cards
1 Trio Or Trail Or Set When you have three cards of the same rank or value, it is a winning Trail or Set. It is the best combination in this game. If you get three Aces, you can call yourself the king of Teen Patti. So, three cards of the same rank are your key to winning the game.


(For, e.g. A-A-A or K-K-K or 3-3-3)

2 Pure Sequence When you have three cards from the same suit in ascending order, then it is called a Pure Sequence.


(For e.g.. A-2-3 or K, Q, J or 2-3-4)

3 Sequence (Run) During a game of Teen Patti, if you have three cards from different suits but in a continuous sequence or ascending order, it is called a Pure Sequence.


(For e.g., all 3-4-5 of different suits or 7-8-9 of different suits)

4 Color It’s called a Color in teen patti when you have three cards from a single suit color just not in any consecutive order.


(For e.g., three cards of the same color)

5 Pair (Two Cards Of the Same Rank) During a game, if you get two cards of the same rank and one different card, it will be called a Pair in that case.


(For e.g.., when you get any two cards out of three have the same rank. Such as A, A, Q or K, K, Q or 2-2-3)

6 High Card It’s a High Card situation when none of your cards are from the same suit or in any sequence, in that case, the highest-ranking cardholder will be declared the winner of that game. If there is a tie, then the card with the highest value would be considered.


(For e.g., A, K, Q or A, Q, 10 or 5, 7, 9)

Tips To Play

The Teen Patti game is all about the best cards. The player with the high-ranking cards will win the game. Here are some of the best tips to win a game of Teen Patti

  • Understand the game and analyze your opponents. You must understand all the rules and know all the ranking of cards and hands to maximize your chances of winning.
  • Blind play is one of the strongest strategies to beat your opponent in Teen Patti.
  • Make sure you play a lot of practice games before you play cash games or participate in cash tournaments.
  • Use your game bonus wisely and use all the other incentives correctly during the game.


Teen Patti is the most amazing card game you can play. The gameplay and rules are very similar to Poker, and this is why it is called Indian Poker. If you want to play a game where you can use your skills and renege all your friends, teen Patti will be the perfect game for you. You can download the app and play this game for real cash. If you are looking for a trusted platform, Adda52 is the best app to play this game online. You can download this app on your phone and start your Teen Patti journey today!

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