In June 2022, Apple announced the winners of the coveted Apple Design Awards for the year.

Those developers nominated have achieved excellence while using innovative app technology on the iOS platform.

We’ve taken a look at some of the winners from this year, and why they have been considered the best in their class. High quality graphics and solving problems for their end users is only half the answer!

Halide Mark II

Visuals and Graphics Winner – Apple Design Awards 2022

A camera app which can add additional features to the already excellent iPhone camera, Halide Mark II is straightforward to use.

The intuitive interface is designed to make photographers feel at home and find their way around while also being easy enough for amateurs to pick it up.

Striking a balance between the practical and the professional, Halide Mark II gives a tangible way to take incredible pictures without having to lug a heavy pro camera around with various lenses.

This app won the Apple Design Award for its uncluttered interface and accessible functions.


Interaction Winner – Apple Design Awards 2022

An app designed to track your skiing and snowboarding activities, Slopes uses the GPS on your iPhone or Apple Watch to monitor how fast and far you’ve travelled. Plus, you can share with your friends, family, and community, all with a single button.

There are already apps that can track your skiing and snowboarding data, but this one stands out as intuitive and easy to use. By taking a concept that already exists, improving the user experience and adding features such as live family and friend tracking on the runs, the app adds another layer to the mountain experience.

This app won the Apple Design Award for its easy-to-navigate interface showing how an experience can be elevated by a well-thought design.

(Not Boring) Habits

Delight and Fun Winner – Apple Design Awards

Habit trackers aren’t anything new. They’ve been around since before computers were invented in the form of sticker charts and to-do lists. But this one adds a little spice to the standard tick to complete with intricate designs, gamification and playful haptics.

Tracking your habits becomes a journey through natural wonders, making rituals. It may not be for everyone, with some liking the mundane tick list on a piece of paper, but for some, this really hits the spot, making tedious tasks something they look forward to completing.

This app won an Apple Design Award for its niche take on an already great idea, making a memorable and satisfying experience for its users.

I Want To Be Considered!

You cannot submit an app for consideration to the Apple Design Awards, but you can create an app that generates enough buzz to be considered.

Apple needs to find you, so make a great app! They generally look for well-designed, innovative, and engaging apps while also taking advantage of the latest hardware and software releases.

Speak to an app development company to give yourself the best chance for consideration.