Does Your Business Need a Web App or a Mobile App?

More organizations are considering developing apps to connect with a growing number of users who use mobile devices or computers to link up with companies on the Internet. But selecting the type of app is an important consideration.

There are essentially two types of apps: web apps and mobile apps. While some organizations create only one type of software, others choose both options to enhance their digital footprint.

The answer to whether you should develop a web app, or a mobile app, depends on your needs and budget. Regardless of what type of app you develop, please always work with a dependable and expert agency that can masterfully create all kinds of apps.

For instance, a team like Guarana Technologies leverages its expertise in different programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and operating systems, to create world-class iOS, Android, and web apps.

What Is a Web App?

While web apps seem very similar to mobile apps, they are quite different. Web apps are essentially software that exists on the web. You don’t need to download a web app to run it. Any device with an Internet connection, like a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, can access a web app through a browser.

Select a web app if budget is a concern. Web apps are usually cheaper to develop than mobile apps because development and maintenance is more straightforward. You may also want to create a web app if your concept is simple, and you want users to engage with your business across the web conveniently. Some experts say that web apps are easier to monetize too.

But please note that web apps have some serious disadvantages. For one, a web app can’t take advantage of a mobile device’s hardware. That’s why web apps lack sophistication. Your web app will also not work without an Internet connection. It’s also not discoverable on app stores, significantly reducing its market reach.

Finally, web apps are also susceptible to cybersecurity attacks that target Internet browsers.

What Is a Mobile App?

A mobile app is any type of application designed to run on a mobile phone operating system such as iOS or Android. Mobile phone apps can utilize a mobile device’s features like buttons, touchscreen, camera, microphone, GPS, processor, etc. That’s why they can be more sophisticated than web apps.

Mobile apps also have subcategories. You can either develop a native or hybrid app for mobile devices.

Native apps are designed to run on a specific operating system like Android or iOS. They require more development time and resources, though they are usually the most refined and advanced types of apps. Hybrid apps are essentially web apps in a native app shell that can run on both Android and iOS.

Hybrid apps have similar limitations to web apps. They can’t take advantage of device features like native apps. However, they’re cheaper to develop and maintain than the native variety.


These are the fundamental differences between web apps and mobile apps. For a better idea of what app to choose, consult an experienced app development company. They will recommend the type of software that matches your goals, expectations, timeframe, and resources.

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