5 Things You Can Do With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has long since emerged as a technological trailblazer, but most of its applications were used in gaming as it struggled to gain mainstream appeal. Fast forward to the last decade and finally, businesses, schools, and consumers began embracing VR technology. 

This is because of increased education and awareness of the nearly endless opportunities for creating imagined worlds and real-time virtual customer experiences. Thus, if you’re wondering what getting a VR headset can offer you, take a look at some of its most popular modern uses below. 

Here are five things you can do with virtual reality: 

  • Connect With People In A Virtual Community

One of the most profound areas of human activity that VR is leading into the future is social interactions. This technology takes the idea of social media a step further by connecting you with people in a simulated world and in real-time using an avatar. 

What’s remarkable about this is how it has led to the construction of virtual communities where you can build, live in, and meet people inhabiting a metaphysical universe. Currently, it’s used by multiplayer gamers, crypto investors, educators, content creators, and artists, among many others. 

However, these connections also have a business function, as many companies incorporate remote working into their operations. In this case, employees use VR to host meetings, do team-building tasks, and collaborate on projects by enabling the Oculus developer mode. Doing this allows workers to transfer files easily from a computer and work together while being present together in a virtual office. 

  • Watch Live Concerts And Events

VR is changing the way people consume sports and live entertainment, allowing them to attend events without actually being there. This includes virtual live music concerts, sports matches, comedy shows, and even nightclub performances. These were once too costly for a mass audience to secure tickets in reality. In addition, they had to travel to venues across cities or countries.

Now, anyone in the world can be part of the fun by purchasing more affordable tickets for a show or an event hosted within the virtual universe that works similarly to a live stream. 

Furthermore, once you’re in attendance using your VR headset, you can choose to connect and interact with fellow concertgoers or stay in the ‘solo mode’ to enjoy your favorite musician, sport, or comedian in a private experience. 

  • Relax And Meditate

What makes virtual reality a versatile technology is how it can cater to varying and sometimes contrasting experiences. It’s not exclusively made for entertainment and socializing. This is the case with VR apps and software designed to help you relax and meditate. 

Thus, after a stressful day at work or during times of poor anxious sleep, you can create a simulated world of your choosing and set it to the right conditions for meditation. This can be serene natural landscapes with the sounds of a waterfall or a sunset at the beach with waves crashing in the background that allow your mind to unwind.

  • Do A Virtual Workout 

If you don’t want to join a gym but still want to exercise in private, then virtual technology can help you stay active. Think of it as participating in an enhanced workout program in any setting of your choosing, whether in a virtual gym or an outdoor park. 

The best part is arguably having a simulated personal trainer to lead your workouts and track your progress while keeping you motivated. What’s more, like many exercise apps, you can choose from an endless selection of preloaded songs that elevate your mood, inspiring you to keep going. 

  • Explore The World 

Time, financial constraints, and family responsibilities have long held people back from their dreams of traveling the world. Fortunately, VR has provided a solution to this by bringing the world to you through an immersive headset experience at home. 

Hoteliers and travel agencies have created VR apps that allow you to visit some of their most popular destinations up close. You get to discover attractions without crowds obscuring your view. 

This could be exploring resorts, wild animal safaris, natural wonders, and exciting historical sites on every continent. Some of these include interactive modes where you can rock climb to summit a mountain or abseil down. 

Another benefit of taking VR museum tours and visiting art galleries is not having to wait in line or compete for tickets like tourists do in reality.     


With virtual reality, the possibilities to immerse yourself in simulated worlds are practically endless. You can enjoy your favorite live entertainment, sports, gaming, and social events without leaving your home. 

Furthermore, you can fulfill your dreams of visiting the world’s top holiday destinations and tourist sites without the crowds and exorbitant travel expenses. On the other hand, on days when you need to slow down and calm your mind or get active, VR will allow you to curate and personalize your experience. These are just some of the many uses that virtual reality technology can bring to your lifestyle. 

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