I’m New to Esports, Should I Watch or Should I Play?

Esports is an amazing pastime with a great choice of highly entertaining games. There are first-person shooters such as Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but there are also crazy games including Rocket League where powerful cars play soccer. The games can be played at home or watched on streaming channels such as Twitch. Fans can also attend live events where teams compete in person. However, some newcomers to esports often wonder if they should watch or play their chosen game.

Choosing the Best Agents

Primarily, beginners should view playing esports as an entertaining way to spend their leisure time. There’s a great deal of fun waiting as players choose agents with special abilities. However, newcomers can often become disillusioned about the merits of a game if they select an unsuitable character. For instance, the best Valorant agents for beginners include KAY/O, Chambers and Omen. The hardest one to control and understand is Astra. Even professional players, including 100 Thieves’ Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella, often choose easy to control agents such as Omen.

Benefits of Playing Esports

Playing esports is stimulating for the brain. The actions strengthen fine motor skills, improve awareness and increase eye to hand coordination. The American Psychological Association found that casual players could reduce stress levels and relieve depression by playing esports. The games can be exciting with unexpected scenarios and results. However, to become an outstanding professional player there are many hours of daily, repetitive practice sessions to endure.

Why Watch Esports?

Many beginners are introduced to esports through watching other people play. The 2022 League of Legends World Championship reached an audience of more than five million viewers. Competitive matches are highly entertaining with those taking part demonstrating how exciting the games can become when played professionally. Watching esports instead of traditional sports is quickly gathering pace. Many fans love the relentlessly fast, unpredictable action that provides a high level of excitement. Games are streamed in real time enabling viewers to keep pace with different esports results such as a CSGO live score.

Learn by Example

One of the greatest benefits of watching esports is that beginners can learn more about the games. Experienced players, including Tyson ‘Tenz’ Ngo, constantly show audiences an amazing range of skills when controlling agents from games such as Valorant. Beginners can usually learn tips on how to plan strategy and teamwork simply through watching esports. Every match resembles a tutorial that includes additional suspense and dramatic action.


When people are new to esports, they shouldn’t have to decide whether to play or watch. They’ll gain the most benefit by doing both. Esports games are incredibly entertaining and provide endless inspiration for new players. However, the most effective way to gain an authentic feel for the action, and understand the complexities of a game, is to play it in person.

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