Do you know? Back in the year 2017, Prafull Billore started MBA Chai Wala in an effort to fulfill his ambition of him of being a major businessman. He was not the one who loved to drink tea, but he is the one who has managed to build a lucrative Rs 4 crore revenue company. Prafull is not at all a foodie person and does not love cooking but has still managed to build a multi-million-dollar business by selling chai throughout the Indian nation. MBA Chai Wala thought of discontinuing his studies nearly halfway and opening a chai stall on Ahmedabad’s SG Highway after realizing that not everyone could get a high-paying job with a good salary and a good mba chaiwala net wort. As of 2023, prafullbillore net worth is around $3 million, or over 22 crores for Indian Currency.

Who exactly is MBA Chai Wala?

It can be said that MBA Chai Wala is ayoung Indian businessman and YouTuber having good mba chai wala turnoverwhose original name is Prafull Billore. He is the one who has established his own tea distribution enterprise. He says that his primary goal of him is to sell all over India. Prafull was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and now lives and works in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Mr. Billore the Ahemdabad Chai Wala is the full name of his YouTube channel, which goes as MBA Chai Wala.

According to the update, mba chai wala ageis around26 years because MBA Chai Wala birthday is on January 14, 1996.His astronomical sign of him is Capricorn and he comes from a Hindu family. In India’s Madhya Pradesh province, he was raised in Dhar. Moreover, it has been known that Prafull Billore is around 63 kilograms and MBA Chai Wala height in feet is 5 feet 10 inches. He is having black natural hair and dark brown eyeslike the majority of Indians. There is nothing available about the family of Prafull, he is currently single and is continuing well with his business. Hence, this is all about the MBA Chai Wala.

What is the net worth of Prafull Billore- the mba chai wala net worth?

MBA Chai Wala is one of the most known personalities all over India and there are many people who come to his shop. MBA Chai Wala is having a well-expandingfood business in India that is well renowned for its delicious Chai. In addition, to this, he is the one inspiring number of Indian students who are not able to secure a good job for themselves. Even if, he is able to communicate well in English, most of the stuff is there in Hindi.

Prafull is now having a well-established place and his total net worth of mba chaiwalaas of 2023 is about $500 per year over the past five years. Hence, this is all about his net worth and himself.

To conclude, Prafull Billore is a good known person and mba chai wala income is from sponsorships and a YouTube channel. Therefore, the combined income that he is having in present is around three lakhs rupees and annually around three crores and mba chai wala monthly incomeis over 25 lakhs.

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