The URL blacklist is basically the list of site URLs, domain names,and IP addresses that have been blocked from appearing in the search results.  This is known as the kind of prohibitions that are imposed by search engines like Googe or Bing and many of the security companies like McAfee SiteAdvisor for security-related reasons. So, remember that if your website has been blacklisted by any of these authorities then the site is not going to appear in the search results. This further means that it is going to lose its position on the SERP and you will lose all the traffic to your website.

Moreover, if someone tries to search your website then it is going to come across the red page with a proper warning that the site of you is containing some malware or any virus issues. Hence, this is what URL Blacklist exactly means. If you are searching to know about the same topic, then you have come to the right place. With the help of this post, you can grab more and more possible information on what is url blacklist infection.

What to do if your website is blacklisted?

If you are amongst the ones whose URL is blacklisted, then luckily you are having a few options. This means that your hard work is not gone away totally. You can still get your website back just by taking the few necessary steps. It can be said that URL blacklisting is a reversible process. Along with getting your blacklisted site back, there are a few ways through which you can prevent it from getting blacklisted.

However, to have information on this you need to continue reading till the end.

What are the reasons why the website gets blacklisted?

URL blacklisting is necessary because the main aim of it is to prevent users to reach websites that are infected with issues such as malware, phishing schemes, or other security threats. So, if your website is blacklisted then these can be the causes. To know about the reasons in detail you need to peep down below.

  1. Phishing:

This is the type of social engineering technique that is used by hackers to manipulate internet users for sharing some of their personal information. The personal information that can be asked for by the hackers includesusernames, passwords, social security numbers, payment card details, etc. So, if your website is having any phishing scheme then definitely it is going to be blacklisted. Check down the things properly and prevent your website from getting blacklisted.

  1. Malware Infection:

Another reason why your website can get blacklisted is here. Malware is the sort of software that is specifically designed to hack into systems and steal data or manipulate it in a malicious way. If any device gets attacked by any malware then it might cause a problem and can corrupt all the files on your device. Some of the most popular forms of malware are viruses, trojan horses, adware, ransomware, etc. If your search engine of you is detected to have malware issues, then definitely it is going to get blacklisted.

  1. Unsafe Plugins:

Plugins are known as software appliances that are used by people for enhancing the functionality of your website and web application. If the plugin that is being used by you is not safe, then definitely your website of you is going to be deemed unsafe and it will get blacklisted.

  1. SEO Spam or Spam Indexing:

The last cause due to which your website can be blacklisted is SEO Spam or Spam Indexing. SEO means Search Engine Optimization- it is the process that is applied by search engines to index the best content on top. SEO Spam occurs when you try to stuff your website content with all the necessary keywords.

In addition to this, if your website is attacked by hackers because of your well ranking then there are chances that they are inserting links to malicious websites. So, if either of them occurs then your site will be blacklisted.

Hence, these are the top 4 reasons why “URL blacklisting” can happen.

How to know if your website is blacklisted or not?

Do you know? There are a number of times when the website of people gets blacklisted but they are not aware of it. This is because they are either having multiple websites or are busy doing activities that do not require logging in to websites much. So, in these cases, it is very much important for people to know whether their website of them is blacklisted or not.

To know whether your website is blacklisted or not, you need to connect your website to Google Analytics, Google Safe Browsing, and Google Search Console.  You need to check these websites every time. In case your website traffic has dropped then this means your site of you might be blacklisted. Therefore, logging in to the mentioned websites can also help you in knowing whether your website of you is blacklisted or okay.

How to remove your website from getting blacklisted?

If your infected with url blacklist and you want to remove it from that blacklist, then here are a few things that you need to follow. Have a look to know.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to remove malware that caused the site to be flagged as unsafe. This can easily be done but before doing so make sure that you have backed up everything.
  2. Once you have cleaned the malware you can re-upload your website to the hosting platform. After that, you can ask Google to review your website.
  3. Now, go to the Google Search Console => Security issues => I have fixed these issues => Request a review. So, you are done and this is how you can remove your website from the blacklist.

How to avoid a website from getting blacklisted?

  1. It is very much important for you to keep your website up to date. Never miss out on any updates.
  2. You need to try using strong passwords with different letter cases, special characters, and numbers.
  3. Try using the best third-party software and trusted plugins. Research an application before adding it as an extension to your site.
  4. The last thing, that you can do to avoid getting the site blacklisted is to use Google Web Risk API.

Hence, this is all that you need to know about URL blacklists and everything. To know more, comment.