Things you Need to Know About Getting an Edu Email Address

If you are a simple husker, then it is very much important for you to just keep within the know. Your email is something that connects you to wide campus-wide communication systems. So, the free .edu email address 2018 account is something that is require by all the students. Hence, it is very much recommended for you to go and activate your account quickly as soon as attainable.

The free edu email extension is something that was carried by 6 universities in the year 1985. UCLA being certainly one of them. This was for the reason that the first implementation. Is the rule of being utilized by the educational establishments has misplaced its preliminary energy? In modern times, there are so many different establishments but still, people love to use the Edu email handle. Hence, this is the only reason why there are lots of people searching for Edu domain restrictions within the US, and that too when it comes to schooling. So, if you are having an interest in how to get an edu email 2015 then you need to refer to this article because we are going to provide you all the important and necessary information regarding this. Let’s start with information on how to get an edu email 2018.

What are the benefits of using a .edu email address?

Just in case if you are wondering what benefits are there by free edu email account 2015 as compared to a regular email account, then here is the list. Have a look if you are having an interest in knowing them out.

Free Amazon Prime Offer: All the free edu email 2018 account holders are going to have a special feature and that is that they will have a free Amazon Prime Membership offer. Isn’t this great? Along with doing your work you can enjoy free movies, shows, and many more other things as well. Yes, you don’t have to pay any charges you can enjoy it just by getting activate on free edu email addresses.

Last Pass: Last Pass is the browser extension that takes of passwords of your accounts for you. It will automatically record all the passwords and will keep it safe and secure for your use in case you forget them out. Hence, this is the type of application that helps you a lot because next time you don’t have to log in to the account all the information is stored out beforehand only. Ergo, if you are a free .edu email 2017 user then you will grab a 50% discount on LastPass Membership.

Free Gdrive: Here comes the other benefit that the free .edu email address 2017 account holders get. Google Drive is one of the best places where you can store documents, pictures, data, and many more other things safely. Ergo, if you sign up with an Edu email then you will get free 6 months of features enjoyment on Google Drive.

Discounts on Software: Get email address will also help you in having special discounts on the software that you are interested in using. Hence, these are the benefits that say people should definitely have an Edu email address.

How to get an .edu email address for free? Or how to get a .edu email 2018?

Make sure that you are following all the steps carefully. If not then there are chances that your request may get rejected so be careful. Have a look down below and enter in all the details properly. Let’s start information on get an edu email:

  1. First of all, you need to head over to this site and click on “New User Registration”. This can only be there after clearing the captcha.
  2. While filing the details out you need to make sure. That you are entering the real email address instead of a disposable one.
  3. Now, in the address section, you need to US-based name and address in order to get the email. Then search for the US-based residency address and copy-paste it and Apply now.
  4. You are complete. Now, you are going to get an Edu email account reply from the institute after the details get approve.

Hence, this is all that you should learn about get edu email address. To clear out any queries on I need an edu email address, throw a comment.

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